Ben Fitzgibbon

Ben Fitzgibbon

Dairy Farmer / South Canterbury

Ben is a Dairy Farmer in South Canterbury near Geraldine and works on a 450 ha farm with 1,600 cows.  His initial refund was about $7,500 and he receives about $1,700 every quarter.   Here is some of what Ben had to say about Catalyst.   The application process was easy.  Very professional.  They keep me updated on the process on how everything is going.  Catalyst take a small percentage of the refund but I never would have done it if it hadn’t been for them and its a small price to pay for what you get back.  

Calculate your refund*

50litres per month

$602 Initial 2 year claim
$95 Ongoing claim per quarter +GST.

The amount shown above is an estimate only. The exact amount you are refunded may differ once your claim has been completed and all details have been taken into account.

How much can I get?

If your business operates petrol machinery off-road, then you are eligible for a petrol tax refund of 72 cents per litre + GST.  You can claim back up to two years’ worth of use and then claim ongoing every quarter after that.  The excise rate changes periodically and increased from 69 cents on 1 July 2019. Claims are paid at the excise rate for the period the fuel was used, not the current rate so historic claims will use different excise rates than today.

Catalyst makes claiming fuel refunds easy.  The staff are friendly, efficient and make the whole process simple and hassle free.

Sam Morrah / Sheep and Beef Farmer

Couldn’t have been simpler, two phone calls and a text… then a deposit in my bank.  
My accountant said it wasn’t worth it, but the refund nearly paid my accountants bill.

William Moylan / Sheep and Cropping

It’s money for jam really, we receive a phone call each quarter, email off our 3 statements and wait for the payment which is always super quick.

Wayne and Kelly Gear / Jim's Mowing and Jim's Tree & Stump Removal

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