Personal Use

To claim a refund of excise duty, petrol must be used off-road. The following must be excluded from the claim:

  • Any petrol filled from the farm supply (bulk or fuelcard) used in road registered vehicles

  • Petrol consumed whilst travelling on the road in EA, EB and unregistered vehicles

  • Petrol used in leisure boats

  • Petrol used in ride-on’s and push mowers for house lawns.

If you need any help with the details around what qualifies as personal usage just call 0800 47 37 27 and one of our team will be happy to help you.  

Catalyst makes claiming fuel refunds easy.  The staff are friendly, efficient and make the whole process simple and hassle free.

Sam Morrah / Sheep and Beef Farmer

Couldn’t have been simpler, two phone calls and a text… then a deposit in my bank.  
My accountant said it wasn’t worth it, but the refund nearly paid my accountants bill.

William Moylan / Sheep and Cropping

It’s money for jam really, we receive a phone call each quarter, email off our 3 statements and wait for the payment which is always super quick.

Wayne and Kelly Gear / Jim's Mowing and Jim's Tree & Stump Removal